Liz, is True North Doulas’ Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). Liz is an expert on all things car seat: safety standards, consumer information, installation and use. She can help guide you in choosing and installing the correct car seat for your unique situation. Whether you need: 

a 5 Point Inspection to verify that your seat is properly installed,  

a Personalized Consultation to help find a car seat that will work best for you or, 

an Installation + Lesson so that you can install and use your seat safely ever time,  

Liz can help you feel confident that your child will be safe and secure. 


Your baby’s first car ride may be as soon as the day s/he is born.  Even if you do not own or use a car, you will most likely need to have access to a car seat and know how to install it properly.  In most instances, you will not be released from the hospital or birthing center without one. If you plan on birthing at home, you will still need a car seat, even if only for occasional trips or for emergencies. 

Whether you plan to use your car seat on a daily basis or for occasional trips only, you must always adhere to Transport Canada’s Safety Regulations.   


The safety of children in cars should be as simple as purchasing a seat and using it.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  Finding the right seat that fits your child, you car, your budget and your lifestyle can be a challenge. 

Some things to take into consideration: 

  • Will your car seat be installed permanently or do you need to be able to install/remove it easily? 
  • How much space does your car have in the back seat? Will a rear-facing seat be able to fit at the appropriate angle?  Do you need to account for multiple car seats (or multiple passengers)? 
  • How much are you able to spend?  What will be the best value for your money? 
  • Do you need a seat that can grow with your child or one that you will switch out of when the time comes?   
  • Does your seat need to be able to connect to your stroller? 
  • Were you given a second-hand seat?  Is it expired?  Does it still conform to the current safety regulations? 

If you need help choosing a car seat that will work best for YOUR family, we can help!  Book a Personalized Consultation with Liz. She will take the time to understand your needs and help you find the perfect car seat BEFORE you buy. 


Each year, car seat manufacturers improve upon the technologies that keep our children safe. These new features don’t matter, though, if you do not (or cannot) install and use the seat properly.  Sometimes manuals are difficult to read or installation is difficult.  Sometimes you just aren’t aware of the current safety standards.  Sometimes your car seat isn’t a good fit for your car.  Mistakes happen. 

If you have installed your own car seat but want to have us confirm that its installed properly Book a simple 5-Point Inspection to be sure.   

Feeling really overwhelmed?  Book an Installation + Lesson to have Liz teach you how to properly install your seat properly, every time. 

Thank you very much again for coming! It was helpful.
And good peace of mind knowing it’s installed safely. —Laine
Thank you so much for your advise and validations.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has a child.—Gloria
Thank you so much! It was lovely to meet you,
and I feel so much more confident about installing the seat now—Valerie