Birth is a journey. 

Birth begins long before the contractions start.  You find a care provider.  You read pregnancy books.  You might research baby gear, start prenatal classes, adjust your diet and get more rest. You imagine what your birth will look like.

Along the way, questions will arise:

Can I eat this?  Is this [symptom] normal?  How will I know when labour has started? What if my water breaks? When do I go to the hospital? What will happen once I get there? Can I handle the pain?  How is my life going to change?  Will I be a good mother?

It helps to have a guide.

As True North Doulas, we are familiar with the terrain ahead.  We are here to help you make a plan.  We are here to answer your questions without delay, as they arise. We are a friendly face who will stay with you and your partner (if you have one) throughout labour, guiding you to find comfort and support when you need it the most.  We help you navigate the medical system and remind you of your options, particularly if your birth plan goes off-track.  We are here to help you read the signs. 

We are here for you. 



Erica gipson

Birth + Postpartum Doula

Liz Vargas

Birth + Postpartum Doula, Car Seat Specialist