At True North Doulas, we believe that your experience of pregnancy, labour and birth matters.  First, this is a big event: your memories of your child's birth will remain vivid for the rest of your life. We want you to feel empowered each and every time your recall your birth!  More importantly, though, your experience of labour and birth impacts your and your baby's health and recovery postpartum.  Your sleep, breastfeeding relationship, mental health and physical recovery can all be influenced by your birth experience (in particular, by how you feel about your birth).  This time is vulnerable and special; we want to help make it the best possible experience for you. 

We know that the definition of a “good” birth is different for every woman.   There is often a misconception that doulas only support vaginal births, unmedicated births or home births.  This couldn't be further from the truth!  We don't care if you want an epidural or not, if you birth vaginally or by c-section, or if you want to give birth at home, in the hospital or in a birthing centre. We have no agenda for you other than what you want for yourself and your baby.   What *is* important to us is that you feel safe, honoured and well cared-for, in whatever way your birth unfolds.

We are a resource for you, however YOU need us.  Sometimes our support is mostly physical: helping you get into a more comfortable position in labor, say, or fetching you a cool drink and a washcloth.  Sometimes we act more like a birth encyclopedia, helping you to to have the information you need to make choices that feel right. Other times we are there more for your partner, to help them be fully present with you. It will be different for everyone. We spend a lot of time getting to know you during our prenatal meetings so that we can fill the role that best suits YOU.  Our goal is to listen, to hear what you truly need and to facilitate that to happen during your birth. We want you to come away from your birth saying, “I did it!” and feel proud, even when (and especially if) things do not go exactly as planned. 


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